Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog #10

I didn't learn much more compared to my comp class over the summer. I did however refresh my memory on a lot of key information that would improve my writing. I was refreshed on transitions, TS/CD, and the proper way of citing.

All of which is extremely useful for any college student. In the future i plan on incorporating all of these tricks as best as i can, it would be stupid not to. As long as i use all of what ive learned or even half of it, my papers will be noticeably better than if i had never taken the class at all.

I don't plan on taking any more English classes after this since it is not in the same direction of my major (Advertising). I do need to write papers and marketing plans, but a majority of all the writing is a different format and wont need to be cited, it's all facts about a product or company.

Blog #7

Humor can be as simple as making someone happy. It usually ends up making people laugh. There is no exact definition to what humor is or isn't. It could be awkward moments in shows such as the office or funny one liners by Mitch Hedberg the comedian . Some people can even find the yelling and repetitiveness of Dane Cook funny, I'm not one of them. Also the ironic story/situation is always funny.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to style is writing style. I really could care less what kind of style of clothes i have on, to the point of the name of the style. When it comes to writing style there is so much more things to know so you don't mess it up. Style is essentially making something look good, if its a paper or a person, that could also fit certain specifications to be related or similar to other pieces like it.

Blog #3

One thing i learned about me as a writer is that I'm good at piecing things together. My role in the group was to take two papers about one topic, proofread them, and then make it into one paper. My partners did very well on their part and i was able to organize their thoughts into paragraphs and have one start off where the other one left off.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Research Paper Free Write

I am not active in sports anymore, in the past i have played football, soccer, basketball, baseball, competitive shooting, and most recently lacrosse, which I played in the MCLA. My last season at high school was the first time our team went undefeated in lacrosse. The last game had two undefeated teams playing each other, going into five overtimes until we scored the winning goal.

I looked into a Greek organization, but i realized that it would probably be less beneficial for me. I feel like it would be too demanding and each individual represents the whole, so if one person does something stupid the whole could be punished. So Id rather live on my own and not worry about making a bunch of frat guys happy.

Some things I talk about with my friends is movies, since i work at a movie theater. I also bring up topics related to guns, such as shooting and the current gun control laws. Like what I would change about them and which ones make sense. and i usually talk about music w friend like which genres are terrible and sound like the same thing, and songs id like to see more often.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog #6

The most important things I have learned in this class are easily the TS/CD paragraph structure and the transition method. The TS/CD structure makes my papers more informative and still get my opinions across. It also makes my papers run a lot smoother. And the best thing is that it fills the pages up nicely. The transition is another tool i have to fill the pages. The most important thing it does is make the paper have great and smooth transitions. I will use both of these tools in the future, and i really wish i knew this before i started high school.

The aspects of this class that made me feel better about my writing was the actual transition assignments. It is the concept I grasp the most and understand it very well. I know I am good at the transitions with using old information getting to new information, and i am more confident to put it in my writings i will have to do in the future.

I hope that i will eventually be able to write TS/CD without knowing that I'm doing it at all. that way i will feel like i am a better writer knowing that it comes naturally to me. One thing i know i should never forget is the OWL at Purdue resource. It is one of the greatest resources I have ever been told of. It makes citations a lot easier, and they wont be as time consuming anymore. Overall I thought it was a great class and I have already recommended it to some of my friends.

Blog #5

Of course I preferred writing about the advertisement and how it affects peoples emotions rather than filling out a resume that i have done numerous times in my lifetime. Like i have mentioned before, I prefer having freedom in my writing rather than writing with no room of creativity.
I enjoyed writing the 4th essay, because it was something relevant to my interest. it was not hard to find something to write about since we see hundreds of advertisements everyday, they are even in our own home. If i had more time to work on it i probably would have remembered to put a work cited, and go more into detail that would support my arguement. I would have kept the same arguements though, and kept the same commercial since it is one of my favorites playing today. OIne thing i learned from writing this, is how much a simple advertisment that seems to do nothing, can do a lot to effect several emotions and needs. Every so often I realize that im analyzing a commercial and seeing what exactly it is doing.
I would not use a different format for my resume, I used a template in word that makes it look very professional and stands out from other resumes that i have seen. The best thing about having all the information together is that I know i have one place to go that will have all my information I need to fill out, yet another, resume. The biggest pain for me was to get the references and all their information and also where i worked before and when I worked and all that useless information.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog #4

Out of all the essays I have done so far my favorite is definitely the third essay. It was not the most specific essay and I could really go into depth about something I actually take to heart. On all the essays I think I should get about a B on all of them, because I didn't give myself enough time to perfect my paper. I have a bad tendency to wait for the last minute to do anything like a paper or project, unless its a group project. I wouldnt say I work well under the pressure and speed of summer school, I would say I survive well under the speed and pressure. I don't plan on falling behind, but I'm not going to focus my entire summer on school. If I had more time I would work on my papers more and earlier so that I feel more confident about getting a good grade.